Frosty and Fabulous! How to Create a Snowtastic Party or Event This Winter.

Winter is a magical time of the year. It’s custom-made for celebration; as people start to eagerly anticipate Christmas and the festivities that accompany it, and it’s the ideal time for you to hold a party or event for your employees and loyal customers.

Winter SceneCreate an Event that Enchants Your Guests…with Artificial Snow and More!

Snow Business are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of artificial snow machines, wintry visual merchandising and winter wonderland decorations. As a result, we’ve got some great tips on how to create a spectacular Christmas corporate event or party. If you’ve been charged with the task of preparing this year’s festive event, then read on for some great insider’s tips!

Top Tips on How to Create a Wonderfully Wintry Christmas Party or Corporate Event

•    Keep it chic with an ice bar. Most Christmas festivities tend to feature alcoholic beverages, to get everyone in the mood. Serve up warm mulled wine and snowball cocktails from a gleaming ice-bar; which is made from hyper-realistic igloo-style ice blocks to create a chic, yet wintery ambiance.

•    Create the mood with artificial snow. Few people can resist the magic appeal of snow, yet it’s seldom that the weather obliges with natural snow-flakes! To guarantee snow for your guests’ arrival, set an artificial snow machine outside the door, to create a beautiful wintery scene.

•    Get creative with a snow scene inside. It’s really important to focus on the décor of your interior when holding a Christmas party. Use artificial snow to create a suitably wintry scene; you can keep it classy by simply sprinkling on the surface of tables and on the floor, or have a bit of fun with it and create a scene with snowballs and snowmen!

•    Take your guests back to their childhood. Sometimes, the best corporate events have an element of playfulness to them, and few activities get more playful than a snowball fight! Of course, if the weather won’t provide natural snow for the event, you’ll have to source your snowballs from somewhere else; these soft, throwable snowballs are perfect for the occasion. Alternatively, Snow Business can arrange fresh ones for you, as an extra-special touch!

•    Think about your lighting. Winter lighting is all about flickering candles and the roaring light from the fire. Create a warm glow in your room with some large candles, or for added safety, use some stunning Victorian-style lanterns, to create an enchantingly Dickensian feel to the evening.

•    Gifts for the guests. When you’re holding a corporate event, it’s a good idea to give your guests a little gift to help them remember the magical evening (not to mention your company)! Presentation is everything, and using clear ice-gel to ‘freeze’ your gifts in a block of artificial ice is a really impressive way of displaying them on the table.

Want to Create a Magical Christmas or Winter Event? Talk to Snow Business Today

Whether you want to create a playful winter wonderland or a suave, ice-cool party; Snow Business can help. Press and customers alike are continually blown away by our remarkable snow and ice effects, and we have a wide range of winter wonderland decorations for hire and to buy, all available through our website. To find out more, simply call us on +353 25 46803.

Winter Wonderland Weddings: Creating the Perfect Wintry Ambiance on Your Big Day.

Let’s be honest here; if you’re planning a winter wedding, then the ideal scenario is to have snow on your special day. A winter wedding is wonderfully beautiful at the best of times, with spectral tree branches, icy pathways and of course, roaring fires to return to once the ceremony is over; but having snow on your big day can transform a good wedding into a truly magical one.

However, if the weather won’t comply, then it’s easy to imagine that there’s very little you can do about it. After all, you can’t control the weather. Or can you?

Want Snow on Your Wedding Day, but the Forecast Predicts Sunny Skies? Artificial Snow is the Answer!

Technology has moved on considerably in recent years, and now, it is entirely possibly to create a wonderfully wintery scene at your wedding, with the aid of some rather clever machinery and quality products. Here are some top tips to create a winter wonderland on your wedding day, even if the forecast refuses to predict snow.

  • Create an atmospheric snowfall, with an artificial snow machine. There are few things more romantic than walking with your loved one whilst snowflakes are falling through the air around you. However, these idyllic weather conditions are very rare, even for winter weddings! If you want to create this magical effect, regardless of the weather, then look into hiring an artificial snow machine. It will throw liquid snow into the air over your heads, which will then fall gently to the ground as real snowflakes.
  • Create a frosty feel for your photos, with powder frost. Good quality powder frost can be sprayed across gravel paths, over walls and even on shrubbery, to create a highly realistic frosty scene, just perfect for your wedding photographs.
  • Bring the outside indoors. If you want to make your wedding truly snow-themed, then bring the snow indoors, rather than just saving it for outside. Companies such as Snow Business can create indoor snow scenes for you to enjoy during your reception or evening party, crafted using top quality artificial snow. If you dreamt of sharing your big day with Frosty the snowman, they can even create a realistic snow figure for you, complete with snowballs!
  • Finishing touches. To create a truly enchanting winter wedding, details are incredibly important. Artificial snow and dramatic snow scenes will provide the wow-factor, but if you want it to be 100% magical, you need to ensure the finer points are in place. Attaching fake icicles to the ceiling and window ledges, serving guests mulled wine with frost-tinted glasses, placing snow-covered lanterns with romantic flickering candles on the tables; in short, there’s no limit to how creative you can get.

If you want to create a remarkable winter wedding, regardless of the weather, or simply want to talk ideas and options, then get in contact with Snow Business on 353 (0)25 46803, or by email on

Fermoy Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Fermoy 2011
Styled by Franc of ‘Weddings by Franc’ & his staff in conjunction with the Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, this year’s award winning event turned out even more spectacular than ever before!!!