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Special Effects Service





Snow Ireland is a company dedicated to creating illusions, we are able to bring emotion to the screen or your event using the latest techniques in special effects.


Snow has the unique ability to bring a smile to the face of both young and old alike. This is why from Game of Thrones to the top Hollywood blockbusters Snow, Ice and Wind are the most valuable resources used throughout the entire year.

We are always here to advise on the best solutions for your projects and understand

not all budgets are the same. We invite you to call us regarding individual advise for your projects. We treat everyone like family whether it is a small or large production. 


Creating landscapes, without destroying them.

The environment is at the heart of what we do.  The snow we use is snow made  from recycled paper. It’s what set us apart. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our problem solving abilities.We have been creating Snow for almost a decade now and have invested in the best equipment and crew.​​​

"Snow makes a special emotional connection with people!"

Film & TV Advertisement

 We create visual special effects specific for Digital  Cinematography, 

Broadcast TV production and Brand Photo shoots.  

 At Snow Ireland we have many different types of snow and a wide range of ash, soot and burn effects. From falling through ice to falling snow scenes. We create snow scenes on location and on studio set.

 The snow products we use have been used on movies like Harry Potter, James Bond, Maleficent, Game of Thrones, adverts for 3 Ireland, Lidl, Aldi, Guinness and Cadburys, the list is endless.

With over 10 years experience in Special Effects and over 20 years in TV we ensure you get value for money for projects both large and small.

In The Press


We create snow for government councils , brands, agencies, event companies, business owners and private individuals.


Snow is the biggest visual impact you can give an Event and it is also a unique positive experience that emotionally engages with both young and old people alike. Snow makes people smile and generates happy positive memories. 

We can provide everything from a boutique product launch to a large scale City Centre Winter Theme Park installation.

We can deliver a fun Gorilla Marketing Summer Campaign to a Snowball Fight at Electric Picnic.


Whether you are seeking to design a team-building or public event with a difference, adding atmosphere to a festival or looking to bring some seasonal flavour to your property, Snow Ireland has a solution to meet all your snow requirements


     Snow Decor & Props

Snow Ireland offer a large variety of snow, frost and ice effect products and services for Visual Merchandising in the Irish market. We know when you create ice or snow with our products they look so real they give the response our clients want and that is an emotional one.

"Snow makes people smile!"


Check out our shop for a full list of products available.

We also have falling snow machines available to hire or you can have a full snow team plus machines that create one of a kind snow fall at your next Shop Opening, Party, Launch or Event.


At Snow Ireland we are unique in the Visual Merchandising Department as we also are the only company in Ireland who can offer our own snow technicians that work along side our display team creating highly skilled and unique installations giving powerful impact to brands.

We have a huge variety of options so do call us to discuss your specific needs.

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 Telephone : 087 2500330


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