Are you planning a business event, and don’t know where to start?  Are you struggling to find a theme or choose what direction to go with the event?  Use these tips to plan for your next business event.

Begin With a Budget

One of the first steps in planning a business event is deciding on a budget, because this will affect many of the other decisions that you make down the line.  Pull together a team to plan the event, and sit down with those people and put together a plan and a workable budget. This is an important time to identify the purpose of your event.  Is this party intended to serve as a thank-you to staff?  Or to welcome a new client?  Or is this an annual conference for national employees who will participate in training and awards? The purpose of the event will help to focus your planning process.

Make a Guest List

Once you have decided the purpose of the event, you can determine who should be invited to attend. Depending on the size of your organisation, you might invite every staff member and their significant others or families, or you might only invite a certain group of staff members. If the invite is intended to welcome a new client, you need to sit down and figure out which members of the new client’s organisation should be invited. In other cases, like a new business’ open house, you might want to look through your contact information for all of the vendors and clients that you have been working with, as well as important members of the community or media.

Choose Party Favours

It is nice for guests to leave your party with something to help them remember the event and your organisation. Party favours don’t have to be cheap plastic pens with your logo on the side. Think about giving something more elegant and useful. For example, you could give your guests a packet of seeds and a garden marker with your company logo. Guests will be impressed by your creativity, and gifts like these wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Make an Impact

Make your event something to remember. Choose a theme, and coordinate your décor to go along with that theme. You can make a big impression by choosing one detail that can really wow your guests. Instant snow is the perfect choice. Whether you are hosting a Christmas or winter party or you want to offer your guests a winter wonderland in the midst of the hot summer, instant snow brings glamour and sparkle to your business event. Keep all of the other decorations quite simple. Use white linens and add a few twinking lights; the instant snow will provide all of the elegance that you need.

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