Artificial snow adds life to any event, be it a wedding, a corporate gathering or even the opening of a store. After all, there is something about snow that gets people excited and creates a feeling of celebration. Yet, there are some months of the year when snowfall is not expected. Moreover, there is no way you can get snow to fall indoors. This is where you can make perfect use of fake snow. From its appearance to its texture, everything about it is perfect and almost close to the real thing. We can create perfect snow anywhere and at any time.

Snow Business Ireland can make real snow fall in your home, office, showroom, outlet, on the road, and anywhere you want. We have a range of products that help us create snow that looks authentic and can easily looks and feels as the real thing.

However, if you want the snow to look real and for people to assume it’s real, we can help you do that as well. This is why we are hired to design and create artificial snow for movies and television programs. The authenticity of our product is what makes the project realistic. We use different methods to create snow rather than only relying on a snow machine or simple, pure cotton.

We tailor the size and color of the snow based on the needs of our clients. If you want snow outdoors, the texture and appearance will be different than if you use it inside. Other factors such as lighting also come into play and we are well-equipped to deal with all that. So, why should you call us and not use a snow spray or machine yourself?

  • Our Services are Priced Reasonably – You don’t have to pay more than what you consider affordable. We charge according to the occasion, so if your budget is limited and you still want snow, we will make sure that your ideas become reality.
  • We Don’t Require Much Time or Space to Set up our Equipment – Our experience in this field enables us to get the job done quickly and swiftly. Even if you call us at a short notice, we can design and install your snow scene within hours.
  • You Can Get Perfect Snow Regardless of the Temperatures Outside – It may be scorching hot outside while you’re having a snow party inside. Also, you can avoid having to deal with the cold temperatures that come with using real snow.
  • You Get More Value for Your Money – Since the snow remains usable for a number of days, you only need to order it once and get a tops up for longer periods of time.
  • The Snow Looks Absolutely Real – In any surrounding, climate and location, we can set up perfect snow for you. You will be surprised how visually identical fake and real snow look.

If you need snow for an event, just give Snow Business a call on 00 353 25 46803. Check out our website for more information and take a look at our huge range of snow products.