There’s no time of the year that’s more competitive for retailers across the country than the lead up to Christmas. As the general public start to think about buying festive gifts for family and friends, shops start to ponder over how best to display their wares, to ensure that they generate the lion’s share of the attention, not to mention the sales.

Visual Merchandising Display: Creating a Window with a ‘Wow’ Factor


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There are a few key things to remember when planning your Christmas window display. It’s a good idea to consider the following:

  • How can you draw attention to the products that you want to sell?
  • How can you seize and hold attention in the first place?
  • How can you include a ‘narrative’ to make the viewer emotionally engaged?
  • What theme should you select?
Creating Christmas-Themed Scenes with Your Visual Merchandising Display

Given the season, a highly successful theme to select is something related to Christmas or winter. However, your commercial Christmas decorations should not be boring. Avoid going for something predictable or cliched, and instead, think about how you can complement your products with a wintery theme.

Here are a few ideas to provide some inspiration for your shop display.

1.    Create a ‘frosty fairy-land’ with icicles, rocks and artificial snow. There’s something magical about winter, and you can use this to real advantage, placing products in a fantastical, glittering snow-scene which emphasises all the enchantment of Christmas. Create texture and eye-catching glitter with these iridescent flakes.

2.    Create an icy, minimalist effect. If you sell high-tech equipment or gadgets, you might want a window that reflects the 21st century appeal of your products. ‘Freeze’ your products in ultra-realistic ice-gel, then mount them on simple white boxes, for a sharp, visually striking effect.

3.    Bring a taste of Victoriana to your window. There’s something irresistible about the Victorian style. It’s intricate yet sober, whimsical yet severe; and it has just the right hint of gothic allure! Create a Victorian winter street scene in your shop window, mounting your products in mock red-brick alcoves, lit by flickering lantern-light.

4.    Inject some Parisian glamour to your snow-scene. If you sell products that appeal to a female market such as clothing or lingerie, then a touch of the Moulin Rouge, with a snowy twist, is sure to grab attention. Take your inspiration from the can-can dancers of Paris, but rather than using bright colours, let your products be the only colour in the window. These white ostrich feathers create the ideal effect.

Need Help With your Visual Merchandising Display? Talk to Snow Business!

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