It’s that time of year where holiday decorations are popping up everywhere. You may see them on homes as you wander through your neighbourhood, and they are displayed in the windows of retail stores all over town. Holiday decorations are fun, but they are also big business. Retail stores invest a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful retail displays for the holidays. When done well, a gorgeous holiday retail display draws customers, new and old, into the store to shop.


Holiday retail displays are not limited to colours of red and green anymore. Retailers are appealing to wider audiences and including year-end holidays other than Christmas, like Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year’s, by using a whole spectrum of colours. You may see holiday retail displays in blue and silver, white and gold, bold primary colours, or warm chocolate brown and lime green. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to colour choices for your holiday retail display.

Trees & Plants

Trees are a staple of holiday décor, whether they are in homes, shopping malls, or shop windows. If your shop window is small, you can still use a holiday tree; just use a scaled down version. You can wrap boxes with wrapping paper that matches your colour scheme, and you have instant holiday décor.

Poinsettias are a classic holiday plant choice, as well. Although we often see poinsettias in the winter, they are not actually winter hardy plants. They must be kept indoors in a warm area. When you purchase poinsettias, keep them covered while you are transporting them outdoors. Poinsettias are a great addition to a retail display window, and you can even create a poinsettia tree by stacking up many of the potted plants.


Seeing those glowing lights is what really makes it feel like the holidays. There are lots of options when it comes to lights. You can go with classic, mini white lights. Or go with a retro vibe and choose oversized bulbs in white or multi-colours. Icicle lights are another pretty choice. Using a large quantity of lights to create a curtain makes a big impact.


For the most harmonised and sophisticated look, choose ornaments in a set colour scheme. This will give your display an intentional, complete feel. As we previously discussed, red and green are a classic choice, but you can bring in any colour scheme that you like. You can go with the colours of your business logo to really make a strong statement.


No holiday retail display is complete without snow. Everyone wants a white Christmas. Fortunately, there are lots of options when it comes to creating snow for your holiday retail display. You can go with Powder Frost, which simulates frost on outdoor scenes. It is also perfect to use as a light blanket of snow to cover background areas. There are also Fantasy Snowflakes. These shimmery, iridescent flakes add a touch of magic to your snowy holiday display. Display snow is available in a fine, medium or coarse grade of faux snow that is perfect for retail displays. You can use it to dress props, and it looks very realistic, even on camera.

As you are planning your holiday retail display, be sure to contact Snow Business. We are the experts on delivering beautiful snow effects for your holiday retail display and many other events. We know how important your holiday retail display is to your business, so get in touch with us now to learn more about all of the options for creating a gorgeous, snowy holiday scene in your retail window this year.