When hosting events, and especially during trade shows, it can be really tricky to find a surefire way to stand out from the crowd, unless, your budget is an unlimited one.

Luckily, fake snow is just the ticket – affordable, attention-grabbing, and even easy to clean up, its customisation potential is enormous too, providing you with a limitless stream of creative possibilities, and a foolproof method to ensure you won’t be ignored.

Fake snow looks just like the real thing, except it doesn’t melt – meaning your display will remain eye-catching for as long as you need it to.

Winter Wonderland

Naturally, fake snow lends itself to winter-themed displays or events and can instantly transform any location into a canvas for festive merriment and wonder. It’s visually impactful, and easy to use, and can be used both indoors and out. Planning a Winter Wedding? Use fake snow on tabletops, and create a frost effect on beautiful bouquets – fake snow can last for weeks, so it needn’t be prepared at the last minute, either. In our opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a picturesque winter wedding.

You can also be as liberal as you like – keep it subtle, with small flourishes on a stage, perhaps, and snowy accents throughout your event. Or, cover the floor to turn your function room into a full-blown snowscape.

Whatever kind of event you’re planning, fake snow can inspire some wonderful photo opportunities – consider creating your own makeshift photo booths with it, so that your guests can easily capture their experiences, after creating memories worth capturing.

Stand out from the crowd

Fake snow really fulfils its potential in the trade show arena, offering users an easy, affordable method of differentiating themselves from the crowd.

It’s astonishing how effective fake snow is in bringing out the inner child of attendees, inspiring frivolity and most importantly, attention. Displaying your products in or around real-looking snow is a simple way to catch the eyes of casual passers-by, and has a virtually limitless number of applications – no matter what your booth is promoting.

Depending on your unique needs, the limits lie in your imagination, so create your booth and let it go wild with fake snow – you and your creative team will have great fun experimenting with the possibilities.

Summer Snow

Of course, there’s no need to limit yourself to the Winter season – everybody loves snow, and utilising its festive charm in the warmer months can be even more attention-grabbing than using it at Winter time.

At present, fake snow’s applications go only as far as you want them to – and new stylistic uses are being discovered every day. If you’re feeling inspired and have an event or trade show coming up, contact Snow Business in Cork and ask about the numerous fake snow options on offer.