apresFotolia_74257445_XSIf you’ve ever been skiing, you’ll know that one of the most enjoyable aspects about the experience is the après ski social scene. Visit any of Europe’s top ski resorts, and you’ll enjoy excellent cuisine, cocktails whilst overlooking the slopes, and wild parties until the sun comes up!

Whilst it may not be possible to bring the piste to your party, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you capturing a little of the après ski magic at your next winter corporate event.

Top Tips to Create the Après Ski Ambiance

If you want to create an amazing après ski event, but are unsure where to start, here are some inspirational tips to get you started:

•    Set a ski-related dress code. When sending out the invites, make sure to let everyone know that ski-wear is essential. Whilst wearing ski goggles and boots is optional, all of your guests are likely to join in the spirit, wearing Swedish-style knitted jumpers, woolly gloves and ear-muffs!

•    Create fondue canapés. When it comes to creating an authentic alpine ambiance, fondue is the only way to go. For a traditional take on the classic dish, melt some Swiss cheese and provide bread to dip into it; or for a sweeter-toothed approach, create a chocolate fondue, complete with marshmallows and strawberries for dipping!

•    Get creative with the cocktails. If funds permit, hire a professional mixologist for the evening, and arrange for some live demonstrations! Your guests will enjoy learning how to create a classic ‘snowball’ (not to mention drink it) and will love having a go themselves. For added effect, create an ‘ice-bar’ with fake ice cubes and decorate the area with faux-icicles and frost.

•    Create a ‘Swiss lodge’ effect. To really capture the magic of après ski at your event, it’s time to invest in some winter wonderland decorations. Think rustic wood, soft woollen throws and warm, worn leather. If your event is near Christmas, give a nod to the season by hanging some festive wreaths around the room.

•    Bring the snow to your event. Every authentic après ski experience requires snow. However, the fact is that the weather isn’t ever reliable, and even if the weather forecast reports that the white stuff is on its way, it’s never a guarantee. Make sure that there’s snow at your event by faking it! Simply hire a snow machine and generate some wonderfully convincing artificial snow for your guests to gasp at.

•    Set the mood with the right lighting. Forget disco lights or bright, florescent bulbs; the après ski vibe is all about subtle, natural lighting. Roaring fires, rustic candles and wrought iron lanterns are all ideal for creating the right mood.
Snow Machines, Winter Wonderland Decorations and More…

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