snow themed window display

Your window display should tell potential customers something about your business. As well, it should encourage them to put time and effort into finding out more. The crucial factor in developing a window display is the element of surprise. Make your display stand out from the rest and ensure your products get noticed!

It’s worth thinking hard about what sort of display will attract your potential customers. Then you need to make time to create something extra special. The displays that attract the most attention are those that are a little bit different, and the most eye-catching of all often involve some sort of scene to draw viewers in.

Our Favourite Surprising Window Display Ideas:

  1.  A magical scene. Indulge your imagination and create a truly magical fantasy scene. Take inspiration from Harry Potter, perhaps, or Alice in Wonderland and let your mind run wild to create a fantastical treat to pull in the crowds.
  2. A world in miniature. The landmarks that draw tourists can also draw in the customers when you create an enticing scene on a miniature scale. People love nothing more than spotting their favourite locations. Moreover, this is a theme you can recycle again and again as you journey around the world!
  3. A winter wonderland. What could be more beautiful than an icy scene, complete with artificial snow and dreamy white branches? Capture the imaginations of passers-by, transporting them to a cool climate with a romantic wonderland display.
  4. A Victorian fairground. If you are marketing food or products for children, there’s nothing more evocative of bygone days than a carousel, especially when set in an attractive scene with twinkling lights and nostalgic music.
  5. Make it move. Whatever the backdrop for your scene, see if you can incorporate a working vehicle. A steam train running across the window, a mechanical prop such as a Ferris wheel or even a windmill will add an extra touch of magic. What’s more, it’ll get customers talking about your business.

Visual Merchandising Display Rental

Don’t put yourself under pressure financially with a huge outlay. It’s generally possible to hire extra special window decorations and props at a very reasonable cost. You may need specialised larger items only in the short term. In addition, these can be difficult to store, so they are ideal subjects for hiring. Use them for the duration of the display and then return them.

The Professional Touch for Your Window Display

Would you like to give your display extra flair and show off your business to its full potential? Contact the professionals at House of Franc to discuss how they can help. Rentals and consultations are available on request—just call the friendly team today on +353 25 46803.

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