Given all of the technological advancements and high-quality products that are now available to photographers and videographers, including great lighting options, tons of different filters, and the ability to digitally adjust your product, shooting snow for print and video media is much easier than it was years ago. However, you are likely to find that shooting with artificial, instant snow is still preferable to shooting the real thing.

Instant snow is made from powder, and it is widely used for shooting catalogues, magazines and commercials. This instant snow is extremely realistic and provides a dramatic backdrop for your shot. Even for close up shots, the instant snow looks very realistic.

Instant snow first came about when it was created to be used for indoor snowboard parks in Japan. Today, instant snow is both extremely realistic and easy to use. Preparing your instant snow for use is quite simple. You just place the powder in a bucket and add water. As you add the water, the powder will fluff up into snow.

If you are working with a large set, you may want to create the illusion of deep snow. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or pour several feet of instant snow to get the look that you want. Instead, you can place props to create the illusion of depth, and apply the instant snow over the top of the props. This gives you the image that you want with minimal effort and expense.

For longer shoots, you don’t have to apply new instant snow each day. You can refresh the snow by lightly spraying it with water at the beginning of each day of shooting. You can use the same batch of instant snow for several weeks by simply misting it with water each day.

You can also use instant snow in place of a snowfall machine, particularly if you need only a little bit of snowfall. Just sprinkle some instant snow by hand or with a drop box. This gives you some extra dramatic effect without having to bring in a lot of heavy duty equipment.

You can easily create a realistic snowfall scene for professional studio and film work. This opportunity allows you to present more options to your customers, expanding your business and setting you apart from the competition. Offer beautiful holiday portraits and Christmas card photos by setting up a winter wonderland background with instant snow, or create a moving holiday shoot with perfectly falling snow. The options are limitless with easy-to-use and convenient instant snow.

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