If you’ve got a passion for all things winter related, don’t feel that you necessarily have to restrict your wedding theme to the season you’re getting married in. It’s perfectly possible to have an amazing wintry event in the midst of summer; and in fact, if you choose to do so, your special day is far more likely to be memorable!

Why a Winter Themed Wedding?

There’s something completely magical about winter weddings. Of course, summer weddings offer the beautiful fresh flowers, sunshine and balmy temperatures, but winter weddings, with their stark tree branches, gentle snow drifts and flickering candlelight, offer romance on a whole different level.

If you want to have a winter-themed wedding, whatever the season; here are some great tips for you.

Top Winter Wedding Themed Tips

1.    Wow your guests with falling snow. It may sound a little impossible to conjure up snow for your guests, especially in the middle of summer. However, if you hire a snow machine, it’s not too difficult at all! Position by the door, so you can shower your guests in wonderful snow-flakes as they enter your wintery ceremony.

2.    Have a snow-ball fight. It’s not just children who love snowball fights; adults seem to have just as much fun! It’s really easy to recreate your own snowball fight without using real snow; simply invest in some soft throwable ‘snowballs’ and let your guests get to work!

3.    Use wintery table decorations. To create a mystical snow-scene at your reception, spray some twigs with fake frost and place them in a vase on each table, combined with some sprigs of pine, pine cones and holly. If you want to go to town with it, invest in some fake winter trees to position around the room.

4.    Have an Après Ski party. Rather than settling for a conventional disco in the evening, have an Après Ski party instead! Hire a professional mixologist to create some delicious cocktails, crank the music up loud and have a competition to see who can bring along the most attractive woolly winter jumper! To really set the scene, you could also create a winter chalet ambiance, by hiring a stag’s head for the wall, and placing a fake snowman in the corner.

5.      Have some winter-themed food. It’s time to skip the barbeques and fresh fruit, your wedding food should be strictly winter-themed! Serve your guests some delicious mulled wine and hot cocoa; fill them up with soup and tempting hog roast, then settle down to a mince pie or two for dessert.

Your Wedding…Your Way

It’s important to remember that your wedding is precisely that…yours! It should be a reflection of your personality, and a celebration of all the things that you and your partner love doing together. If you’re passionate about all things related to the colder months, don’t be afraid to celebrate it on your wedding day!

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