While everyone else plans their Summer or Autumn parties or events based on the usual themes, you could make your party extra special and unique using a snow theme. Summer or Autumn events can feel a little repetitive, with the same themes being used over and over again. A snow theme allows you to break away from the usual Summer and Autumn themes. Creating a White Christmas, winter wonderland or other snow theme will make your gathering stand out from the crowd. This provides an eye catching effect which will draw crowds to your promotional event or business.

The developments in technology have made instant snow affordable and realistic. This technology, which was originally developed for indoor winter sporting parks, can create falling snow and snow coverage on the ground. It creates a completely realistic snowfall which is instantaneous and will look great without melting. On a hot Summer or Autumn day, it can provide relief from the high temperatures with cool wet snow. Adults can regress back to childhood and delight in a brilliant white snowfall.

The snow effect looks wonderful regardless of the outside temperature. It allows a snow theme at any time of the year and if the snow is indoors or in shade it could potentially last for weeks. Even if your party is outside, in direct sunlight, your new snow can last for hours. If you spray the snow with ice water or sprinkle some ice on it, your guests could have ice cold snow all day. This is perfect for decorating the venue or creating play areas to complement your party theme.

For an extra special dash of drama, you could add a snowfall. Snowfall machines shoot a cascade of realistic snowflakes up to fifteen feet in the air. This can provide the effect you may have seen in movies. Children love standing under the snow and getting covered in it. It also creates a real wow factor at the entrance to your party and it can also bring attention to your business during events such as summer sales.

These snow machines are remarkably simple to set up and use. They provide an affordable method of generating real excitement and you can even install the machine on your rooftop to provide a more dramatic effect and greater coverage. You could add inflatable snowmen or other Artic props to complement the snow effect and build your theme.

Snow themes create a new dimension to your summer party, allowing you to let your imagination go wild. Simply imagine the impact your summer party could have with a personal wonderland filled with crisp white snow. Picture your guests’ surprise and reaction as they step out of the summer heat into a fresh snowfall. This effect can be used at any time of the year and will always create an exciting surprise for your guests.

If you are interested in learning more about artificial snow and whether it would be suitable for your summer or fall party theme, contact Snow Business. We would be delighted to assist you with any questions or queries you may have and help you on the journey to your own amazing winter wonderland. We also provide a wide range of snow products for any types of events. Take a look at our gallery to see the concepts that we have worked on previously.