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€8 – €61.50

Snow Sparkle is a snow granule that catches the light and sparkles!



    This product is especially good as a top dressing. It should be applied in moderation over the existing snowed areas to give the snow that freshly fallen look.It is also excellent when used alone.
    As a finely granulated, light weight, plastic snow,it perfectly replicates the properties of crisp icy snow.
    These properties are ideal for camera work but can also be used to great effect for displays and event dressings.
    It can also be used as a frost dressing when bonded to surfaces with water/PVA, spray mount or other adhesives. Other popular uses include falling snow on small scale models and floristry.

    100g bag   top dressing €8
    500g bag 3 sq m light covering €30
    1kg bag 6 sq m light covering €61.5
    • Class B1 fireproof
    • Approx 2-4mm particle size
    • Low dust content
    • Anti static
    • Very realistic
    • Easy to dress on almost any surface
    • Easy to clear
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