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A fine, white, cellulose fibre, ideal for simulating frost in outdoor scenes, or as a light snow covering to fill background areas.

Row of houses and street covered with artificial powder frost

It holds up very well close to camera, on textured surfaces or grass. It looks exactly like real frost, as every detail can still be identified.

Our powder frost is perfect for use at shoots or events where time and clear up may be an issue, as it is quick to apply and washes clean with just a hosepipe if necessary. Please note in rain it deteriorates rapidly.

It is possible to hand dress powder snow over small areas, but we recommend giving us a call if you need to dress larger areas. It is sometimes better to make use of specialised equipment to first damp down an area or building before dry spraying the product for a super realistic effect.

20kg bag 100 sq m light covering €170
  • Not recommended for indoor use
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Very realistic
  • Easy to dress on almost any surface
  • Easy to clear

Contains 99% pure cellulose from wood pulp, pulp with 1% water.


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