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Lightweight but robust, these pretty polyethylene snowflakes can be used individually, strung together or hung in groups to make a dramatic display. Slightly iridescent they pick up lighting effects beautifully including UV.

We offer them in 5 sizes, each size features a slightly different design.
Designed for both outdoor & indoor use the flakes are durable and flexible.

* Strong, Soft and durable
* Semi translucent and can be accessorised with our sparkling Display Snow products
* Lightweight and safe

200mm flake net 1.5kg €3
250mm flake net 1.5kg €4
300mm flake net 1.5kg €6
380mm flake net 1.5kg €12
10.10cm flake net 1.5kg €98
10.70cm flake net 1.5kg €98
10.75cm flake net 1.5kg €98
10.80cm flake net 1.5kg €98

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