The Winter Olympics have brought the world’s attention to winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and figure skating. Many of the sports highlighted by the Winter Olympics are sports that are not commonly available to many people. If you don’t live near a ski slope or ice rink, you might not ever get the opportunity to participate in these fun events.

If you live in Dubai, though, you are in luck. Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates is home to Ski Dubai, an indoor snow and ski resort. If you thought skiing or snowboarding sounded like fun, then skiing and snowboarding indoors in a climate-controlled environment probably sounds even better. Ski Dubai has five runs for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. The runs vary in length and difficulty, so there is something for everyone. The slopes measure 22,500 square meters; that’s more than three football fields. This entire area is covered in snow all year round. Best of all, the environment is climate controlled and maintained at a comfortable temperature at all times. There is a freestyle zone, and even a snow park with a snow cavern. Instructors are available to teach you how to ski or snowboard.

Introducing artificial snow to a shopping centre is a great way to create a fun new attraction. You may not be ready to go quite so far as creating an entire indoor ski resort, but you can still use artificial snow to enhance your shopping centre. Many shopping centres create an indoor North Pole at Christmas time. What would a visit to Santa Claus be if he weren’t surrounded by snow? This makes the experience that much more magical for the parents and children who come to visit. It also provides a great backdrop for photography.

One of the most obvious and popular uses for artificial snow is for holiday decorating. Nothing says Christmas like creating an indoor winter wonderland with artificial snow. It can be used to dress trees and wreaths or create a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. You can even create a Christmas theme park with winter slides and a forest. Want something interactive? Consider artificial snow balls to get the whole family involved in some snowy fun. Your shopping centre can be transformed into a winter wonderland.

Artificial snow is perfect for store window displays, too. Whether you want to create a holiday display or get some attention with a Christmas in July window scene, artificial snow is a great way to do it. A window display is a great way to grab attention when you are working with limited space or need to have quick turnaround times.

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