Christmas is a distant memory, the excitement and bustle of the January sales is over…so what’s the next step for your window display in the chilly months of spring? Many business owners make the mistake of thinking of January and February as the ‘dead’ months; a time when sales are down and footfall is minimal.

However, this isn’t the case at all. Customers are still out there, ready to spend their money on products like yours. It’s just a matter of grabbing their attention and enticing them into your store. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to create a visual merchandising display that works hard to increase sales for your business.

Window Display Tips to Win Winter Business

1.    Be bold. Whatever you do, don’t see these winter/early spring months as a chance to opt for minimal window display material; as this won’t help you to generate business. Instead, think of a bold theme to use, in order to grab attention, even on the rainiest of days. Rather than placing small items in the window, use bigger, eye-catching products; and highlight them with vibrant, unmissable décor.

2.    Keep it clean. Rain and snow really take their toll on your shop front; leaving glass panes grimy and signage dirty. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to get your shop front professionally cleaned. Windows should be sparkling, door handles polished and your all-important signage should look fresh and appealing. If it’s looking tattered and tired, it may be time to invest in a new one.

3.    Give your products a context. It’s not enough to simply place your products in the window, you need to come up with creative ways to show how they can make an improvement to the lives of your customers. If you’re selling books, create a cosy library scene. If you’re selling clothes, use photo displays to demonstrate what those clothes look like when they’re being worn.

4.    Use motion. The human eye is instinctively drawn towards movement, so use it in your window. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as it works with your chosen theme or products. If you want to create a fantastic winter scene, don’t just settle for fake snow and a snowman, invest in a snow machine outside the door to spray snowflakes over passers-by.

5.    Use a spotlight. Using lights in general is a great way to generate some drama for your window display, but if you really want to maximise the impact, use a spotlight or two. Direct the light on to the product you want to highlight, and watch as the gaze of your customers is similarly directed!

Great Winter Window Displays: Snow Machines, Winter Scenes and More

If you want to find out more about how you can create a winning winter visual merchandising display this season, simply check out the range of snow-themed products at the Snow Business site today. To get in touch, simply call the team on +353 (0)25 46803.