Your visual merchandising display is imperative at any point of the year, and never more so than in the lead up to Christmas, when your customers will be actively seeking to spend. However, it’s also equally important to nail your window display in the New Year and to make sure that you make the most of the January sales.

apresFotolia_74257445_XSIf you’re concerned about how to get your window display working on maximum for your retail store, here are some expert tips to ensure that you get it right.

Perfecting your Visual Merchandising Display This Winter

•    Think about what you want to achieve. Before you get to work on your window, think carefully about what results you want to achieve from it. What are your main goals? Is the most important thing to lure people off the street and into your store? Or is it more important to try to sell a slow-moving item? When you’ve identified your goals, you’ll be able to focus your efforts far more effectively.

•    What theme best complements your shop? Using a theme in your retail merchandising display can really help to capture attention. Look at your products with an appraising eye, and consider which themes would best work alongside them. If you sell hi-tec equipment, a clean, linear effect always works well (such as placing your items on a fake ‘ice wall’). Alternatively, if you sell something more emotive, such as clothing, you may want to create a softer, more magical winter theme, with frosted tree branches, icicles and artificial snow.

•    Consider placement. Before creating the display, grab a piece of paper and sketch out roughly where you plan to position the various components in the window. This will help you to assess balance, proportion and layout. It will also help you avoid the mistake of over-cluttering the window, or creating a visually awkward effect.

•    Don’t forget the lighting. Lighting is an incredibly important part of visual merchandising and should complement your theme. Warm winter scenes need to be softly lit (no harsh overhead lighting!), whereas modern window displays may require ‘colder’ hues of lighting.

•    Review your results. As with any form of marketing, it’s imperative that you monitor the success of your window display. The best way to do this is to have a file specifically for the purpose. Take a photo of the display (in case you want to replicate it at a later date, or use it for inspiration) and monitor closely how many people come into the shop, and how many sales you make. Capture as much useful data as you possibly can, in order to measure the success of the visual merchandising.
Commercial Christmas Decorations, Winter Wonderland Displays and More

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