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Every season has its unique attraction, but there’s something extra magical about winter, which really takes some beating. A great winter event should epitomise the enchantment of the season, celebrating all the chill glamour and frosty appeal of those colder months.

If you’re planning a winter event this year, here are a few creative ideas to help you to create an occasion to remember.

A Guide to Creating a Fabulous Winter Event

Whether you’re arranging a wintry corporate event or an occasion with family and friends, here is some inspiration to get you started.

•    Make your menu seasonal. Now is the perfect time to celebrate everything that’s great about winter cuisine. Roast dinners lend themselves perfectly to the colder time of year, with plenty of buttery roast vegetables and Yorkshire puddings! Get wintery with your drinks too; with mulled wine and steaming hot mugs of cocoa.

•    Create a winter wonderland. To create an entrancing winter scene in your venue, you need some winter wonderland decorations. Keep it subtle with frosted wine glasses and icicles hanging from the window-ledges, or go for real impact with a fake snowman and some spectral, frost covered trees beside your tables!

•    Create ‘zones’. Creating individual zones for your winter event really brings an element of magic to the occasion. Choose a venue that gives you plenty of scope to do this. For example, you may want a spectacularly decorated room for eating or socialising, then a smaller room, complete with roaring fire, for your guests to chat on a more intimate level. For a real ‘wow’ factor, create a snow cavern with the help of some artificial snow walls.

•    Make it fancy dress. There’s no doubt about it, there’s something about fancy dress that gives any event a real sense of occasion. Think carefully about the theme that you want to select. For a laid-back winter event, you may want to invite all guests to turn up in knitted sweaters and ear-muffs. Alternatively, for an element of the grandiose, you could make it a masked ball, and encourage ball-gowns and suits as appropriate attire.

•    Let it snow! When it comes to the weather, nothing is guaranteed. Don’t leave it to change, hire an artificial snow machine and give your guests a taste of a really magical winter experience. A great place to position your snow machine is by the entrance, so your guests will be greeted by a cascade of falling snowflakes as they arrive. Talk about setting the mood!

•    Introduce some fun winter activities. Winter is a season that lends itself really well to fun and games. Hire some fake snowballs and have a playful fight outside, or arrange a professional mixologist to teach your guests how to make some wintry-themed cocktails.

Winter Wonderland Decorations in Ireland: Snow Business

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