We always remember stories with a twist, and for the ultimate twist to your summer wedding day, what could be better than a beautiful snow scene? Artificial snow, twinkling lights and a taste of cold relief will be the perfect remedy for the wedding fatigue which often occurs in the summer months.

Your Dreams Come True with Artificial Snow

Snow in August may sound unlikely but Snow Business can make your dreams come true and the beauty of an ice white wonderland simply can’t be surpassed. Can you imagine anything more idyllic than a snowy day without getting cold?

If you want to be wowed by the glistening icicles and powdery snow of winter, take a look at our top tips for creating a wintery wedding in the summertime!

Four Breathtaking Themes for Your Snowy Summer Wedding

1.    Winter wonderland. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic scene than crisp, iced branches, glowing candlelight and gently falling snow. With a snow machine to create realistic and fun snow, and some beautiful wedding decorations, you can create the perfect vision.

2.    Après ski. We love the chic, après ski theme that is taking wedding planning by storm – hot chocolate, tiny pastries and a vodka luge, wrapping up underneath glowing lights – you could even impress your guests with horse drawn sleigh rides! Hire some reindeer heads to decorate the walls and don’t forget that the evenings can be chilly even on the warmest of days so snuggling under blankets to stargaze will be a welcome luxury.

3.    Jingle bells. If you love Christmas but are getting married in the summer for practical reasons, there’s no need to forgo your dreams! Cute red dresses for your bridesmaids, stocking favours, tiny mince pies for dessert… If you opt for a later evening meal, when it will be cooler, you could even serve a full Christmas dinner. This is often predictable at winter weddings but will give your summer guests a wonderful surprise!

4.    Fun in the snow. There’s nothing like a snowball fight to get your guests laughing! Everyone has fond memories of playing in the snow and your wedding day is the perfect time to create some extra special memories! You can hire/buy snowballs and snowmen to add to your snow scene – children and adults alike will be sure to have a fantastic time!

A Wedding To Remember Forever

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life and now is the time to really indulge your dreams. If you love winter, you can create a really unusual occasion by following your theme through from icy invitations to your first dance under falling snow. Your wedding will be talked about for years by those lucky enough to be invited!

Unique Winter Wonderland Decorations

Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, and if you dream of a romantic snow scene, the team at Snow Business are on hand to help. Just call today, on +353 (0)25 46803.